This is a try to write a fiction based on my years of experience in software development and operations. I tried to picture some of the biggest struggles and fundamental issues in IT based businesses’ daily work. Some of these core problems are common more or less in every organization that I worked.

The names and personalities described here are fictional and any similarity to any real person is coincidental.

I will publish the series as I write them and depending on how much time I can dedicate daily I’ll try to write at least one chapter per week, but I might set the pace along the way to what’s practical for me.

English is my second language and I’m not very good at it, please be patient with me and if you see any problems with my writing please feel free to either leave a comment or issue a pull request in Github.

This writing is influenced from the books “The Goal” from Dr. Goldratt and “Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford. I recommend you to read these books if you haven’t yet.

As I add new chapters to this book I’ll update the table of contents below so you can follow up easily on updates.

Iteration Zero:

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My notes and experiments with different technologies and tools. All information here is solely my personal thougths and does not relate to my employer's point of view in anyways.



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